Distance between cities

Calculate the distance between any two locations in the USA

Driving distance

Mileage based on actual directions for an awesome road trip between two places.

Flight distance

Miles you would travel if you were to fly directly from one point to another.

Any location

You can calculate the distance between any two locations on the USA!

Are you planning a trip in US cities ? Are you just curious about how far it really is from Los Angeles to San Francisco? Either way, Map Distance is best distance between cities calculator.

Simply input your starting city and destination city in the search form and we will calculate the distance for you, along with other really useful information for planning your trip:

  • The exact distance, in miles and kilometers, between any city, town, zipcode or specific address, both for vehicle travel as well as for air travel
  • The estimated travel time to your destination, both by car and by air
  • Approximately how much gas will be needed to complete the trip by vehicle, so you can estimate your fuel expense
  • The route of travel

Map Distance also tells you the local time in both cities, as well as the current weather conditions. You can even find out approximately how long it would take to walk the distance, if you were so inclined to do so!